28 March, 2012

Cutex Long Wear Top Coat - Review

This top coat is pretty cheap, leaves a nice glossy finish, helps your nail polish last a fraction longer but that's where the good things stop.

Firstly, I do not like the brush. I find the bristles to be too hard and scratchy. So after slaving over your nails and making sure your nail polish goes on perfectly smooth, you go in with this top coat and it rubs it off! Where you apply only one coat of polish, you are sometimes left with lines of your bare nail peaking through due to the roughness of the brush.

A few days after applying the top coat, I find that these weird kind of cracks/wrinkles start appearing on the tips of my nails. It's hard to describe, but it just makes your nails look terrible.

Lastly, I find that it takes so long to dry. When I first starting using this top coat, it took a decent time to dry, no biggie. But as the bottle got older and I used it more, the consistency of the top coat was fine (it didn't go thick and gluggy) but the drying time was ridiculous! I would finish doing my nails, wait 1-2 hours, go to bed and in the morning they're all dented and uneven! It just made painting my nails such a chore because I would have to plan when I wanted to do my nails and sit around for hours, waiting for it to dry.

Definitely not repurchasing.


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