25 January, 2011

Travalo Perfume Atomizer - Review

I first heard about the Travalo from Hollyannaeree. Call me crazy, but before watching this video, I had never seen or even heard of perfume atomizers.

I was really interested in this product because I'm almost always late and in a hurry in the morning and I often just forget to spray on perfume in general. So this little travel vial would be perfect for me. Not to mention the cool pumping mechanism lol

Anyway, I found these Travalos at Perfume Connection in Harbour Town for around $25 (AUD). But my friend was able to get it for me at a cheaper price off ebay for around $13 USD. With the recent exchange rate, this was a great deal.


I've been using it for the last couple of weeks and I LOVE it. It was easy to fill, doesn't leak, perfect size, so practical, travel friendly and looks very sleek. Although I did have a problem with it in the beginning. The reason I got the Travalo in the first place was to use with my Christina Aguilera By Night EDP. To my dismay, when I pulled the cap off the bottle, the little stem that you kind of attach the Travalo to was not there and therefore my Travalo was useless. It wasn't until later that I realised the stem was attached inside the cap. Then I had to use a small pair of pliers to detach the stem from the cap and reattach that to the bottle before I was able to fill my Travalo. So my point is, if there is a particular perfume that you want to fill your Travalo with, make sure the cap of your perfume can come off and it has a stem lol.

Overall a great product and great idea.

21 January, 2011

Addicted to 'Christina Aguilera By Night' EDP - A Review


"An expression of sensuality and femininity, the fragrance captures the experience of a woman pampering herself in anticipation of a special night, and was created to celebrate the moments when a woman wants to feel confident and glamorous."

Up to a few months ago, I wasn't a big perfume user at all. All I had were a couple of bottles from years back which I had gotten over. Anyway I thought it was about time I got back out there and found a scent that I love SO much that I couldn't live without it (so I would use it regularly and not abandon it along with my other bottles lol).

I went on a number of 'smelling sprees' in Myer, David Jones and Perfume Connection. I asked for vanilla-y scents and the lady at Perfume Connection showed me quite a few including Christina Aguilera's By Night.



Top note: Tangerine, freesia, rhubarb, red apple, pineapple
Heart note: May blossom, peach tree flower, heliotrope
Base note: Sandalwood, ambery notes, moss, vanilla

Ok...I'm no expert on perfumes and neither am I good at describing scents but I'll give it a shot lol. To me, By Night is a vanilla-y scent but by no means is it a pure vanilla comforting scent. It's lightly sweet and creamy with a touch of fruitiness to lighten it up. It definitely gives off that sexy and glamorous feel that it claims to. It's lasting power isn't fantastic...actually it's quite bad lol I would say about 2 hours.

I've been wearing this religiously and I absolutely love it. It just smells so good! But the staying power is definitely a huge downer.

15 January, 2011

Coastal Scents Brushes Haul & Review II

I made this order over a month ago when they were having 30% off. My package arrived almost 2 weeks after my payment was confirmed which was a fair bit slower than my first order from Coastal Scents. But I assume they would have been busy processing orders with many people taking advantage of the discount.


I ordered 7 different brushes. There are 8 in the photo because I ordered 2 of one of them. From left to right:
  • Black Blending Brush $2.99 (all prices are before discount and in USD)
  • Synthetic Shadow Brush $2.95
  • Pink Oval Taklon Lip Brush $1.99
  • Divine Taklon Liner $1.95
  • Divine Medium Eyeshadow Brush $2.49
  • Destiny Blender Brush $2.49
  • Destiny Blender Brush $2.49 (again)
  • Sable Contour Brush $1.79
The shipping cost (USPS First-Class Mail International) $9.04 USD to Melbourne, Australia.



(Left to Right)
Black Blending Brush: This baby is big. It's very soft and a bit flimsy. I, personally, would not use this for blending out my eye makeup, it is just far to big and due to its flimsy-ness, when you apply pressure to it, it splays out and so you can't really control your blending. This would make a good brush for applying a light layer of face powder on smaller areas such as under your eyes, for highlighting or contouring your nose.

Synthetic Shadow Brush: This brush is soft and quite firm. Great for packing on colour all over the lid. However it is on the larger side of shader brushes. I don't have any problems using it, but when I want more control or when I just want a certain colour on half or a third of my lid, I would opt for a smaller brush.

Divine Medium Eyeshadow Brush: Similar shape to the one above, very soft, but the bristles are shorter and a bit flimsier. Good for all-over-lid-colour, again it is on the larger side.


Destiny Blender Brush: The first 2 brushes in the photo are the same. However 1 is more pointed and the other one more blunt. Even after washing them and re-shaping, this still seems to be the case, but less so. So obviously there is a tiny inconsistency in the manufacturing of these brushes. Despite that, these are great for blending, nice and soft with the right amount of firmness. Great for blending especially when you want to blur those harsh edges. I also like using it for crease work when I want a softer looking crease.

Sable Contour Brush: Very soft and not too stiff. Great for crease work and for your outer V. Good for other smaller areas like the inner corner too.

Pink Oval Taklon Lip Brush: Soft but firm so you can get a lot of control with this brush.

Divine Taklon Liner: This brush is very fine, soft and rather firm. Holds its shape. Great for gel/cream liners. I don't find it firm enough for brows.

When I washed these brushes, no dye washed out and none of them shed many hairs, at most 1-2 hairs.

I am very happy with every single one of these brushes. I was just surprised at how big the Black Blending Brush was lol, but nevertheless it can be used for other purposes.

Hope this post helped. Have a great weekend.

06 January, 2011

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows - Review & Swatches - the beginning of a new love...

First of all...

Hope you all had fun welcoming in the new year and good luck for 2011.

Anyway, in some of my older blog posts, I mentioned my Inglot eyeshadow palettes but I haven't had the time to take photos and review them. Argh...I am so behind in blog posts (and yes I know I've said that a million times lol).

So this is the first Inglot Freedom System palette I purchased.


With the eyeshadow palettes, you can purchase 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 10 colour palettes. The eyeshadows also come in circular pans which are a bit cheaper because they have less volume. The palettes aren't traditional flip-top palette's. Instead the lid is magnetised and is completely removed when you open it and can be stuck onto the bottom.

Inglot shadows don't have names, instead they go by numbers. The shades in my palette are:


A shimmery cream colour. Great highlight shade.

Metallic taupey colour. Very similar to NYX Iced Mocha, but this one is a tinge more purple.

Matte medium brown.

Matte very dark brown.

In stores they purely refer to the shade numbers, but on the bottoms of the pans, along with the number, there are also words reflecting the finish of the shadow which I have added on the photos above.



I am head-over-heels in love with Inglot shadows. These are so pigmented and ridiculously blendable. 30 isn't as pigmented in my opinion compared to the others but it is still a great highlight. My favourites are the 2 matte browns. They are silky smooth and just amazing. These still crease on me, but not as quickly as other shadows, but I have very very oily lids.

I only have 1 MAC eyeshadow, Twinks (I have a review on it), so I don't know how accurate my comparison of the two brands is, but at the moment I think Inglot shadows beat MAC shadows any day lol. These rectangular pan shadows are 2.7g compared to MAC's which are 1.5g. Plus Inglot products are far cheaper than MAC. The Inglot palette I got cost me $40AUD (that includes the palette itself and the shadows). Their individual eyeshadow I believe cost about $24AUD (I find these individual eyeshadows inferior to the freedom system ones). Individual MAC shadows here costs $32AUD.

So if you can get yourself to an Inglot store, pick up a Freedom System palette of eyeshadows! You will not regret it! Since this one, I've bought a 5-colour palette and I've received a 6-colour palette as part of a Christmas present. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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