30 October, 2009

Request - Contour that face!


Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while, I've been super busy with work and exams are next week arghhhhh!

Anyway, so i thought I'd squeeze in this post before i disappear over the next couple of weeks for exams. Well, my beautiful friend Triana asked me a while ago for a little guidance with contouring so voila! lol (sorry I took so long to do this post).

It was so hard to get the contouring to show in photos and taking photos of the steps was difficult too...I probably should have tried making a video...maybe next time =) Anyway so here's how I like to contour my face.

So first put on your foundation as per usual. Then you need a contouring product. There are some products specifically for contouring out there but you can also use bronzers, blushes or foundation. I use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - Tan. This shade is much much much darker than my skin tone. Just for you guys to get an idea, the Maybelline Matte Mousse shade that matches my skin tone is Sandy Beige.
With the mousse, draw a line from near the top of your ear to almost the corner of your mouth. This is where you want your face to look more hollow and angular.

Then blend it in with your fingers so there are no harsh lines. Try to blend down below the line more than above because you want your cheek bone above the line to be more highlighted and brighter. Add a bit of powder to set it and you are all done!



Sometimes I use my Max Factor - Natural Brush-On Satin Blush in Subtle Amber to contour. It's a pinky brown colour. Any blush that has more brown or grey undertones is fine. I hold the bristles of my blush brush together so it's flat and squashed together so I have more precision. I apply it around the same place I would draw the line with the foundation and then blend it out.

Well that's how I contour. Hope you guys enjoyed and hope that was helpful Triana!

15 October, 2009

Notes from the Toothfairy's Jewellery Giveaway!

Today I checked out a blog called Notes from the Toothfairy. It's a really cute blog with random fun posts such as pictures of the day, stories about her life, giveaways and much more. You guys MUST check it out. I'm reading it right now as I write this post lol.

Anyway, she is currently having a jewellery giveaway! She will draw a winner every Sunday until November 8th and the winner gets to choose what they want from 2 stores! check out all the details on her blog. So hurry and check out this awesome giveway! Click here.


14 October, 2009

Super quick EOTD

I was randomly playing with my Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliner in Blackened Sapphire. (Click here for swatches and review). I started by just lining my eyes...but then that quickly turned into colouring in my whole lid n smudging it all over the place. So then decided to just complete it and quickly threw on some eye shadow and liner and voila! lol

Products used:
  • Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliner - Blackened Sapphire (all over the lid as a base and on inner rims)

  • YSL e/s Palette - a medium/dark blue (all over lid except inner corner to set the eyeliner base)

  • YSL e/s Palette - lighter blue (dabbed in the middle of the lid to highlight)

  • YSL e/s Palette - white (inner corner and on brow bone to highlight)

  • MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack (line the eyes)

  • Max Factor - False Lash Effect wp (mascara)
Hope you guys like it!

08 October, 2009

My Favourite Blogs & 10 Random Things About Me

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Amy from Yoetke Beauty Blog tagged me as one of her favourite bloggers! How exciting! People are actually reading my blog! =P

Anyway, the rules of the tag are to list 10 random facts about yourself and then tag some of your favourite bloggers. Well here goes... lol
  1. I am extremely stingey
  2. I was the State Latin Reading Champion 3 years ago
  3. As a kid, I was convinced that when I grew up I could represent Australia in the Olympics as a sprinter
  4. I am ridiculously indecisive
  5. I only own 1 MAC product
  6. I hate seafood, hate the smell! I will only eat it if it's battered or crumbed and deep fried lol
  7. I find shopping by myself very therapeutic
  8. I am 100% Vietnamese
  9. I do not own an mp3 player, IPod or any other kind of portable music player
  10. I am the biggest cry baby when it comes to movies. It doesn't matter what movie it is, I will still cry...romantic, sad, action, comedy...you name it, I've cried watching it lol
ok...now to tag some of my favourite blogs.

Yoetke Beauty Blog
Kandee the Makeup Artist
Sasquatch Swatch
Styles That Work For You
The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
It's Judy Time

I'm sure that there are many more amazing blogs out there that I haven't stumbled across...but when I do, I'll be sure to share =)

05 October, 2009

A spot of shopping

Hey guys

Before I get into today's post. Just to add on to my last post, I read somewhere that the reason the followers aren't showing is because all followers' settings have been changed to "privately follow blog." So if you guys go change your settings back to "publicly follow blog," you may reappear. I'm not sure if this will work but if you guys could give it a try and tell me how you go, I would really appreciate it =)

Anyway back to business lol over the past 2 weeks I've bought a few things and thought I'd share.

First thing I bought was this t-shirt from Sportsgirl. It was on sale (of course) lol. It has a nice funky design on the sides which I love! Sorry about the dirty mirror lol.


Next thing I got was this really cute flower ring from Diva from my sweet boyfriend. As most of you know I work at Diva now, and my boyfriend came in acting like a customer and asked me "can you help me out?" "i want to get something for my girlfriend" "she told me about this ring"...he was so cute. Then he was like "I don't know what size ring to get...oh your hands look just like hers! can you try it on?" lol it was so sweet.

Also I would like to note that I am a HUGE fan of Kandee Johnson the makeup artist. I watch her videos on youtube and read her blog and she always wears a yellow flower ring which I thought looked really cool, so when I saw my one in Diva, I had to have it! If you want to check out Kandee's blog, click here.

Last I bought this cuff also from Diva. It was on sale for only $5! It's probably not something I would normally get, but something about it really appealed to me lol.

Well that's the end of...uh...haul i guess you could call it lol. Stay tuned I've got some more fun posts comin up!

04 October, 2009

My followers have disappeared!

For a while I had 1 follower then one day it they disappeared, so i assumed that they just didn't want to follow my blog anymore. But then my friend told me she had just became a follower. So then I was all excited and went to my blog to look at the followers box but it says i don't have any! Also, my dashboard says I have 1 and my google friend connect says I have 3!

I looked up this problem and apparently the disappearance of followers is not uncommon.

I don't know what is going on. I've tried to fix it but it's not working =(

So I just want to ask you all, when you visit my blog can you see any followers on the side bar? and does anyone know how I can fix this?


01 October, 2009

MUA Featured Pic!

YAY! photos of my "eye makeup for the ball" (previous post) a.k.a "smokey and aqua" (pictures on MUA) are featured pics on MUA today! YAY! haha

Btw thanks to everyone out there who sent me sweet emails on MUA and who comment on my blog! =)

Remember to tell all your friends about me! and become a follower!


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