26 August, 2009


It is official...I have finally got a lipstick that is NOT in the pink family lol. So let's welcome the newest member to my lipstick family: Max Factor - Color Collections - Orange Pearl

For a while I was really into pink lipsticks (and still am) and I started lemming a coral coloured lipstick. I was waiting for a big sale to get one since i wasn't prepared to fork out $20 for one. Well luckily I was rummaging through a little sale bin of Max Factor stuff and found this lippy for only $5!! It's normal price is approx $20.

Anyway, i loooove this lippy. It is a bright orange-coral colour in the tube (so I apply lightly) with a pearl finish. My lips are a very dull mauvey/pinky colour. So on me...it's less orange than the tube and a little pinker, and just makes my lips a really nice coral colour. Great colour for summer.

25 August, 2009

My pet hate

This has to be one of my absolute pet hates: the sticky residue left on your beautiful new mu by the price tags.

You know when you go out and buy mu...it looks so pretty in the store and you get all excited because it is officially yours once you make your journey to the cash register. You get all excited about going home to try it out. So once you get home, you take it out of your bag and attempt to remove the wrapping and the tags on it. I usually get my mu from Priceline, and the stuff is always engulfed by tags. There's usually the wrapping that is put on it by the manufacturer, a price tag, then this thick bar code/ security tag thing, which is attached extra well to the product with layers of tape, and if the item is on sale, there's usually also a pink dot or something.

After I remove everything, there is always this sticky residue left on the product =( and I spend agesss trying to remove it all and in the end give up. This has happened to me so many times. Worse is then when you decide to bring the mu with you in your bag, dust and stuff gets attached to the sticky areas...making it even more yukky!

Does this ever happen to you guys? If it does, you would definitely share my pain lol

By the way stay tuned, I'll be talking about some of my new purchases soon! and remember to tell your friends about me!

22 August, 2009

Teeth whitening trials


omg my eyes are so red...last night I stayed up til 2:30am working on my assignment. I am sooo tired...and yet it is almost 1:30am and i am staying up writing this post lol nwy, now to the main point of this post: teeth whitening.

Recently, I was going through some photos of my friends party and I was kind of horrified at how yellow my teeth were especially with the red lipstick I was wearing. Ever since then I've really wanted to achieve those beautiful white celebrity smiles. As you all probably already know from my first post, I am really stingey so I wasn't prepared to go to the dentist to get my teeth whitened or to buy any of those expensive home kits. So I started by purchasing Pearl Drops - Beauty Pearls which was on sale at Priceline for about $6 AUD which also included a whitening guide which is pretty much a card with different teeth shades on it so you can follow the improvement of your teeth colour. The directions said to use it twice a day to brush your teeth and in 3 weeks your teeth will be up to 2 shades whiter. I've used it for I think 2 weeks and I have not noticed a single difference. So very disappointed with that.

I also did a little research on home whitening mixtures and decided to try bicarb soda with water. I was rather worried about using it due to its fizzy-foamy acidic nature and especially after reading people's comments saying this mixture made their gums bleed. I tried it once last week and tried not to scrub too vigorously. My gum bled a little but not enough to be a concern. I am planning to only use this once a week. I'll keep you posted on this trial.

Nwy off to bed!

20 August, 2009

Smokey and shimmery eye...best of both worlds

I am gradually learning how to decorate my blog and put photos up and stuff so bear with me =P Here are a few pics of my latest eye look which I posted on MUA fotd board about a week ago and thought I'd share them here too.


Here's a list of what I used:
- BYS Shimmer Shine Pencil - black (as a base)
- shadows from my YSL palette: grey/silver colour, black, charcoal, white and creamy colour
- NYX ultra pearl mania - silver
- The She Space pigment- Hark the Raven
- Inglot pigment - the pigments don't have names but i used the darkest colour they have
- MAC fluidline - blacktrack
- Revlon luxurious eyeliner (on waterline)
- Max Factor - masterpiece mascara (waterproof)
- Lancome - my l'extreme and hypnose mascara samples layered on top

I know there are a HEAP of products there and most of them were unecessary but I got a little carried away and kept layering on more product lol

Hope you guys like it

19 August, 2009

First blog ever! Let's get to know me =)

Hi everyone!

My name is Pauline, I'm 19 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am in my first year of uni studying Commerce and Law.

I'm friendly, funny, love to eat, sleep, watch tv, laugh and cry...sometimes i get really emotional at the most random movies lol.

I love shopping and everything to do with makeup...however I am super stingey which is a bit of a problem when these are my hobbies...so I am usually the person you'll find diving head first into sales racks and bins lol

I've been considering for a while to start my own blog after reading and visiting so many beauty blogs and I just wanted to get in on the action lol. Also, I just wanted a place to go to when uni, friends or whatever start gettin to me and where I could just share and rant about all things girly when no one else will listen. I will probably write many posts over the next week or so just because I've been thinking about this for so long that I have so many things to share!

Hope you guys will enjoy reading!


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