29 September, 2009

Max Factor - False Lash Effect review

It's review time!! lol

Today i will be reviewing False Lash Effect Mascara (waterproof) by Max Factor. I have heard that False Lash Effect is the same as 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper. It's just they have different names in different countries.

Well this mascara has a huge rubber bristled brush, similar to the CoverGirl's Lash Blast, so I've heard. It can be a little hard to use and you could end up with mascara on your lid, but if you tilt your head back and take your time it's no big deal and it doesn't bother me.

Just like all my other Max Factor mascaras (Masterpiece and Aqualash - both waterproof), this mascara can hold a curl really well. It's lengthening power is amazing! It defines very very well and doesn't heavily coat your lashes so you get that pretty fluttery falsies effect. It stays on, doesn't flake, doesn't clump, it smudges a bit but all mascaras smudge on me.

However, it doesn't really give you as much volume as it claims. Don't get me wrong, it still volumises but just not amazing amounts considering that that was the main aim of this mascara...this is a bit disappointing. Adding a few coats does fix this problem somewhat.

Here are a couple of photos (I've got eyeliner on in all the photos):
- just curled lashes, no mascara

- with one coat...look at the LENGTH!

- with two coats (waited for 1st coat to dry then applied second)

Overall I like this mascara. It's a great mascara, just not the crazy volumising mascara it claims to be. I think I may get to love this mascara once the formula dries a little.

23 September, 2009

Royal Law Ball...are you ready princess?

As you all know, last thursday was the Monash University Law Student Society's "Royal Law Ball." It was SO much fun! It had a royal theme so some people came wearing tiaras, capes, crowns and all sorts of things. Someone even came dressed as a lion aka the 'king' of the jungle haha.

Aside from the horrible whether which we had to walk through to get to the ball, everything else was amazing. The tables were elegantly lit with candles, the DJ was playing great tunes, the dance floor was packed, the dinner was edible haha, everyone looked stunning and there were even indoor fireworks and fire machines!!

Here are a few photos from the night. Sorry i took so long to post them. Hope you guys enjoy.

The view of the ball from the above. All the tables look so pretty.

My girls haha (i'm the one wearing the really bright and silky aqua dress - 4th from the right)

Me with some friends




My awesome backless dress lol..."we're bringing sexy back...YEAH!"

The free photobooth!!

...and that is the end of my mini law ball series =)

17 September, 2009

Eye makeup for the ball

Hey guys!

Law ball is tomorrow night!! how exciting!

Well here is another post in my mini series of law ball posts lol. Well I'm going to keep this very short again because it is very late and i am typing with wet nails haha

After a bit of experimentation, I have decided to do this eye look for tomorrow night to go with my aqua dress.



The products i used were:
- BYS - Shimmer Shine Pencil - Black
- NYX - Ultra Pearl Mania - Silver
- NYX - Single e/s - black
- The She Space - Hark the Raven
- Australis - Eye pencil - Lagoon
- YSL - a light pale aqua colour from a palette
- MAC - Fluidline - Blacktrack
- Max Factor - False Lash Effect (wp)

Hope you guys like it!

11 September, 2009

Shopping for the ball

This is just going to be a really short post. Well next Thursday I am going to my first Law Ball which is pretty exciting =) So i went out yesterday and bought a few things and thought I'd share my purchases with you.

Here's what I bought:
- Silver heels/peeps - "Miffy" from Novo.
- Hollywood Tape - from Priceline
- Gel foot cushions - from Priceline


05 September, 2009

Guess who's a Divette again?


Hey guys

Thought I'd update you on what I've been up to besides drowning in a pile of assignments argh...lol

Well since its September, it's job searching time for christmas positions. Over the past 3 weeks I've been 3 interviews. First for Diva, 2nd for Myer and 3rd Diva again. The 3rd interview was my first ever individual interview and it was SUCCESSFUL! YAY! The manager was super nice, she took me to a nearby cafe and bought me a hot chocolate, we sat down, she asked me some questions and we chatted and then she accepted me on the spot! If you guys were wondering why the title of this post is "guess who's a Divette again?" it's because I actually worked for Diva 2 yrs ago over the Christmas of 2007.

Anyway so I'm very excited about this job. It's a permanent casual position which is even better than a Christmas casual position because I know i'm not going to get booted out after the holidays lol.

So for those of you who don't know, Diva is an Australian fashion jewellery retailer. They have opened stores around the world and from the 1st interview I was told they're going to open their 1st store in the US very soon! If you guys want to check out what they're all about and their pretty jewellery, click here.

04 September, 2009

Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliners



Last week Priceline had a clearance of selected Revlon items for only $4.99! so i bought 3 Luxurious Color Eyeliners in Antiqued Gold, Burnished Amber and Blackened Sapphire. I also have Black Velvet which I bought a long time ago. The normal price of these pencils is $20.95.

i have swatches for you guys below. These pencils go on really smooth and have a smudger at the end which is really good for creating smokey looks. I love the 3 coloured ones because the colours are just so pretty with a bit of shimmer! However they are rather smudgey, but i guess they're meant to be since they have a smudger. It doesn't bother me if a coloured eyeliner is smudgey because I usually just use it under my eyes and it's not an essential I use everyday. The black one on the other hand, which is an essential for everyone, is WAY too smudgey. It migrates all the way up my lid. Plus i don't find the black to be a true black. When you smudge it, becomes a blue/black colour which I am not happy about.

I highly recommend the 3 coloured ones and as for the black one, I'm sure there are many eyeliners out there with better staying power.


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