30 December, 2009

Holiday spirit to the tips of my fingers


I recently received my order from Cherry Culture (hopefully doing a haul post soon) so I wanted to try out some of my newest purchases. Love these L.A. Colors Art Deco polishes. I used it to draw the bows. Aren't they cute? Just like little Christmas presents lol By they way, the red is Maybelline Salon Expert in Unforgettable Red.

Hope you guys are enjoying your holidays and the last couple of days of '09! Happy (Early) New Year!

27 December, 2009

Boxing Day CRAZE


The day after Christmas had to be one of the most tiring days of my life! It was Boxing Day, which can only mean one thing: Boxing Day sales. Myer opened it's doors at 6am and you can guess who was one of the first people through the door...me! lol Unfortunately I had work from 10am-3pm so I had to leave and be a sales assistant for a while. Watching people shopping and snapping up all the bargains without me was pretty hard to watch haha.

After my shift I was ready to go and take on the crowds. I shopped around Harbour Town and Highpoint and eventually got home at 10:30pm!! By then I was absolutely pooped and my wallet practically empty lol. I bought so much stuff. I got a cute tshirt 50% off from Myer, a 'love' keyring $9.99 reduced to $3, a glomesh purse and a few cute headbands all reduced to $5 from Diva, a pair of pointed black flats $10 from Famous Footwear, a 2010 diary 50% from Typo, a Fila jumper 50% off from Fila, Pierre Fontaine heels $80 reduced to $30 from Shoe Factory, a singlet and trackie shorts from Supre and last but not least a hat $90 down to $30 from Mimco. It's my first ever Mimco item!! =D

I'll probably hit the shops again soon to see what other bargains I can find. LOVE sales!!

25 December, 2009

Jingle bells jingle bells...


Yep it's that time of year again...

Merry Christmas

Hope you all have an awesome day, get all the presents you always wanted and are surrounded by love =)

I'll leave you with some scenes from around Melbourne.

The stars of Bourke St. Mall. They look so pretty at night.

Stone Santa! It's a real man! (he's also on Bourke St. Mall)

Block Arcade


17 December, 2009

Gizmos and gadgets

A couple of weeks ago my phone contract expired so it was time to get a new one yay! My dad gave me a list of phones I could choose from. I have always been a Nokia girl. The last three phones I had were Nokias, they were very reliable and I never had a single problem with them. But I didn't really like the Nokias on the list so after some looking around I decided to get the Samsung Preston Icon S5603T.
Isn't it cute? I really wanted the white version but it isn't available in Australia. I have a thing for white phones and my last phone was white. But nevertheless it's a nice basic phone for me since I don't need all that snazzy stuff and the black/charcoal looks very sleek and professional =P

I also got new glasses! I don't wear my glasses often, mainly just in lectures if the lecturer puts up slides with tiny writing. Anyway, love the black and white combo =)

hehe I was wearing my PJs in that photo.

And look who I bumped into on my way to work! It's a really bad photo of me but a great one of Santa lol

16 December, 2009

Look what I got! sssdawna's giveaway prize

Not too long ago, the lovely sssdawna from Beauty and a Budget held a giveaway with heaps of awesome prizes and I was one of the lucky winners =D
I received a neatly wrapped package in the mail with a little card and look at the goodies I found inside!
A Wet n Wild eyeliner, a flower necklace and Hard Candy blush! My absolute favourite prize out of the three is the Hard Candy blush in Honeymoon. Hard Candy isn't sold here and I love blushes so I was really excited to try it out. The marble pattern is so pretty and the texture is soft. Honeymoon is a really light/pale peach colour so it is very subtle and natural with a sheen. Great summery colour, perfect since it's summer down here. It can also be used as a highlighter. Love it!

Big thanks to sssdawna for my goodiesssss. *Hugs and kisses*

10 December, 2009

Thank you!


I would love to thank sssdawna from Beauty and a Budget for giving me the Honest Scrap Award about a month ago (sorry I took so long to respond to it). You guys must visit her blog!

The Honest Scrap Award rules are as follows:
1. present the award to seven bloggers whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design or who have encouraged you.
2. tell those seven people that you have given them the Honest Scrap Award.
3. share ten honest things about yourself.

I will list my favourite bloggers at the end of this post. But for now, 10 honest things about myself...hmm...
1. There is something about the colour pink that always attracts me.
2. I always go to sleep cuddling my Garu toy which I got from my boyfriend.
3. I have very poor focus and motivation when it comes to uni.
4. All the high-end makeup I own was given to me as presents, I've never bought any myself.
5. I am the stingey-est person you will ever meet lol
6. Sometimes when I put my makeup on, I imagine I'm doing a tutorial video in my head...and for some reason I imagine in an American accent LOL
7. I am more a gold girl than a silver girl.
8. I am very short...approximately 157cm.
9. I have no idea what I want to do in the future in terms of a career.
10. I can not watch horror movies at all.


I would also like to thank Geeky Mac Boy who gave me this One Lovely Blog Award. You are too kind =). (Again I apologise for not responding sooner). If you haven't seen his blog before, go visit!

The rule is that to accept this award I must award 15 other bloggers.

To be honest I do not know very many blogs and so I do not follow a lot of blogs very closely. So I find it very difficult nominating 7 or 15 other blogs. If you know some amazing blogs out there please tell me about them, I would love to check them out.

For now, the blogs below are blogs that I follow very closely and read all the time and I highly recommend them.
Beauty and a Budget
Notes from the Toothfairy
Kandee the Make-Up Artist
Geeky Mac Boy

08 December, 2009

Fading Nails

I love nail art. Love looking at pretty designs but I don't have all the skills. So simple designs are my thing lol I found pictures of fading nails (I think they are also known as gradient nails), I thought it looked really cool and simple so I gave it a try.

The name pretty much tells you what fading nails are. It's where one colour fades into another or into a different shade of the same colour. There are quite a few different ways to do it. I used a similar technique to this video I found on Youtube:

Well here are some photos of my fading nails.

More obvious fade:

Subtle fade:



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