15 March, 2010

Cleo Make Me a Makeup Artist


Not too long ago I saw an ad for the Cleo Make Me a Makeup Artist competition. To enter you had to create a makeup look and send in a photo, answer a range of questions and also send in a photo of yourself. Four finalists would be chosen from around the country and compete in a number of challenges and also feature in a web series. The winner receives $10000 as well as a photoshoot in Cleo magazine.

The competition was open to amateurs and professionals which really made me hesitate to enter considering all my makeup skills and knowledge were from reading tutorials, looking at photos and watching numerous youtube videos. Not only that, but professional makeup artists would have access to models and photographers and so would be able to obtain perfect photos to send in. Also, I had never really shown my work to any professionals or really shared it too much. But in the end I decided to just dive in and enter the competition.

I was really really proud that I entered and that I tried my best. Unfortunately I was not picked as a finalist. Today the finalists were released online along with the first episode of the web series. Click here to check them out.

I am still proud that I entered even though I knew I only had a tiny chance of getting selected. But looking at the finalists and their entries I can't help but feel...I don't know...annoyed I guess. All the finalists had taken makeup courses and had been working as makeup artists and all their entries were beatiful professional photos. I feel as though I did not even have a chance, none of the amateurs really did. I know I sound like a bitch for complaining but that's just how I feel. In the end I'm sure the judges chose the best entrants who will perform amazingly in the challenges.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my entry as well as a few more photos. I chose to do the look on myself and it was a Pocahontas kind of inspired look. The photo at the top of this post was the photo I entered and here are just a few more.


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07 March, 2010

Survived Melbourne's hail storm

Today's weather was just absolutely insane. Just a week into Autumn, it started out as a very sunny morning and was very warm. I went off to work just like every other Saturday. At around 2 or 3 o'clock all hell broke loose lol. The sky turned black and a massive hail storm began. Hail the size of golf balls was falling from the sky making frightening noises. Also note I work in an outdoor mall, so the hail was just flying in and I was frantically trying to sweep the hail stones out. Within minutes the paths outside were covered in giant hail stones. Customers were trapped inside stores. Then after the hail, came ridiculously heavy rain which just kept gushing down and the crashing of the thunder and lightning was terrifying. Luckily our area was a tad better off than the central city area.

It really was just crazy. I found this clip on youtube which will probably better illustrate to you what it was like.


06 March, 2010

Back to uni...

My first week back at uni has finally come to an end. Coming back as a 2nd year student, and being able to look down at the 1st years (haha) seemed very exciting...but after about 3 months of holidays, getting back into the habit of following a timetable, waking up and getting ready quickly to race off to uni, studying and sitting through lectures has not been easy. I am absolutely exhausted. I fell asleep in so many lectures lol

This semester I decided to overload, that is taking on one more unit than usual so that I will finish my degree a little sooner. I'm beginning to regret this decision considering I struggled last year with just the normal number of units. Fingers crossed I'll make it.

My aim this semester is to keep on top of everything! Last year I just got so lazy, since it was my first year at uni. I didn't study during the semester at all, all I did were the necessary assignments. So when it came to exams I had to do so much cramming since I hadn't prepared notes or anything in advance. Anyway, so I really want to be on top of things, especially my law units.

Well I'll stop there since I don't want to bore you to death about uni because I really could whine and complain about it a lot more lol. Hopefully I'll have a much more fun and interesting post up for you guys in the next few days.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend =)


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