11 February, 2010

Coastal Scents Brushes Haul & Review

This is the first time I ordered something from Coastal Scents and I must say I am very happy with the service. I received my order about 4-5 days after my payment was completed which is pretty fast. Ok, so let's just get on with it =)

My order came wrapped up nicely in magenta tissue paper and a kinda meshy little bag with feathery lining...a bit random but still cute lol.

I bought 9 brushes:

- Silver Duo Fiber Stippling Brush $7.95 (by the way all the prices are in USD)
- Italian Badger Blush Brush $8.99
- Small Pencil Crease Black/Silver $3.29
- Pink Angle Taklon Liner Brush $1.79
- Italian Badger Blender $2.95
- Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush $1.95
- Italian Badger Round Crease Brush $2.89
- Chisel Fluff Medium Shadow Brush $2.75
- Italian Badger Chisel Powder Brush $6.49

Here's a quick review on these brushes. By the way the tape measure on the side of the photos is in centimetres.

Silver Duo Fiber Stippling Brush: This brush is really soft but when I washed it so much dye came out and it shed a lot and occasionally still does when I use it so I'm left with black hairs on my face which is annoying. It also isn't very dense and a bit flimsy.
Italian Badger Blush Brush: This brush is soft (not the softest brush I've ever felt but still soft) but strangely is larger than the Italian Badger Chisel Powder Brush. I find that this brush is a bit too big for blush application but if you use it gently and don't press too hard so the bristles don't spread out too much it's ok. This brush is probably more suited for powder.
Italian Badger Chisel Powder Brush: Like I said above, this powder brush is smaller than the blush brush. I found this brush to be scratchy which is very strange considering all the other brushes I purchased in this badger range were very nice and soft. After looking at photos that other people have taken of this brush and looking at my blush brush, I think I just got a dud. With these badger brushes, the white part of the hairs is the rough part and the black is the soft part. The length of the black section on my brush was very very short in proportion to the white. So not too happy.

Small Pencil Crease Black/Silver: This brush is very nicely and evenly cut, comes to a point at the top, so very good for precision. It is also soft.
Italian Badger Round Crease Brush: I was a bit disappointed when I saw this brush because it had been cut very badly. I think it may just be mine. But instead of being nicely rounded or tapered at the top, mine was all wonky...kind of like this shape across the top -^- if that made sense. You can kind of see that in the photo. Aside from that, I've been using this brush on my crease and it works very well and is very soft.

Italian Badger Blender: Very nice soft and fluffy.
Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush: Rather large, very soft and dense. Good for packing on shadow or all over lid colour. I've been using it to apply my brow bone highlight.
Chisel Fluff Medium Shadow Brush: This is a small and soft brush. Just a good multipurpose eye brush.
Pink Angle Taklon Liner Brush: Very nice brush, works perfectly for lining your eyes and filling in brows.

Hope that helps if you're considering buying some brushes from Coastal Scents.


  1. that does help! i am planning to order their blush palette and warm 88 palette soon i hope
    : )

  2. haha glad it helped someone =)
    Make sure you share your haul!

  3. are you happy with the small pencil crease brush? what do you use it for ? please answer . i want to buy that .

  4. @Sheccid: Hi Sheccid! yes i am very happy with my small pencil crease brush. I use it to apply shadow under my eye along my lower lash line and also to highlight the inner corner. You could maybe use it as a smudge brush as well because it is relatively firm. However I wouldn't use it for my crease just because it comes to a point, so it would just create a harsh line.

    Hope that helps =)

  5. I also purchased the italian badger crease brush a while back. It's not just yours, mine is wonky too :(



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