06 April, 2011

Sigma brushes...why did I not buy you sooner? (Review)


Everyone constantly talks about Sigma and how great their brushes are, especially the new Sigmax ones. Also for such decent prices, compared the the prices charged here for brushes (and makeup in general), I was really interested in trying these. I made this order about 1.5 months ago.

Shipping & Delivery
I purchased 7 brushes (4 of which were for me). The shipping cost came to $19.36 AUD, which is pretty expensive, but if you consider how much it costs to purchase quality brushes here, splitting the $19.36 across 7 brushes really isn't bad. It took between 1.5-2 weeks to arrive which I find is pretty standard with overseas orders to Australia.


F50 Duo Fibre
- Before purchasing this I had only tried one other stippling brush, the Silver Duo Fiber Stippling Brush by Coastal Scents. That one I found too flimsey to buff in foundation and it shed a lot. This on the other hand I really enjoy. There is a nice firmness to it and it is bigger than the Coastal Scents one so it stipples foundation on really well. It is pretty good to buff liquid foundation too due to its firmness. But once you've tried the F82 for buffing...omg...you will never go back to using stippling brushes for this purpose. Believe all the raves!

F10 Powder/Blush
- A nice regular blush brush. A good size for blush or contouring. It's soft, not as soft as the below 2 brushes but it's still soft. A good basic brush.



F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki
- This and the F82 are SO soft and SO dense. I've been using this brush for mineral foundation and it buffs it in so quickly and so easily. Due to its flat top, it covers more surface area than the round top one. So it's perfect for mineral foundation.

F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki
- As I said above, this brush is very soft and dense. Due to its cut/shape, it is kind of firmer than the flat top. Its density is exactly the same, but I think it is due to the outer bristles being shorter, they kind of support the inner ones keeping it more firm...if that makes sense. I use this to buff in liquid foundation. When I saw people on Youtube using this brush with liquid foundation, I was really skeptical, I just thought there would be a lot of waste, the brush would just soak up all the foundation and it would be really gross. But I was totally wrong. The bristles are just so fine and dense that the foundation is contained at the tips, the brush does not get soaked through at all. Unlike buffing with a stippling brush, there are no streaks so you don't have to spend time evening it out. What I like to do now is stipple foundation on with the F50 then buff with the F82.
I find the curved top allows you to get into the small grooves around your face such as the sides of your nose and inner corners of your eyes really well.



(Sorry the F80 is a little dirty because I used it lol)

Overall, love love love Sigma brushes. I really want to try more. Their quality is amazing at good prices. I am definitely most impressed with the F80 and F82. All the raves about them are totally true.


  1. Thank you. This was VERY helpful. I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy the f80 or f82 for my bareMinerals foundation. The f80 is out of stock, but I suppose I can wait.

  2. No worries amanda! So glad that I was able to help. Bottom line, both brushes are amazing and you wont be disappointed with either =)



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