21 July, 2011

L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagene (Waterproof) Review


A quick announcement that at the moment Priceline has a buy-one-get-one-free sale on L'Oreal eye and lip products.

L'oreal mascaras are very expensive, as far as I know they are the most expensive mascaras in Priceline ranging between $25 and $30. This is the first L'Oreal mascara I have ever tried and unfortunately, overall I was not very impressed. There are some good points about it but the cons farrr overshadow the pros.


  • Thickens and volumises at the roots
  • Very minimal smudging - I may even go as far as saying that it smudges the least out of the mascaras I own.
  • Holds a curl

  • CLUMPS - I can not say enough about the clumping. By clumping, I mean lumps/clumps of mascara on your lashes. It acts like a mascara that you've owned for ages and has dried up in a strange way. The clumping is extremely bad, I wouldn't be able to imagine how bad it would be as the tube gets older. Your lashes don't look nice and smooth but lumpy, then that causes your lashes to stick together.
  • Doesn't lengthen - This mascara has a very hard time coating the ends of your lashes. I'm not too sure why...I'm thinking it's the dry/clumpy formula. You can see this in the before and after pictures.
  • The bristles on the brush are so messy and unevenly spread as you can see on the photo. I find this just makes application more difficult as you have to be more careful to avoid clumping your lashes together and mascara blobs lol.
I won't be repurchasing this mascara again. I hate wasting products...but I don't like working with this mascara...I feel the more I work with it the worse it looks. This may be heading for the rubbish bin...

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