14 November, 2012

Daiso > Makeup/Brush Storage

If you don't know what Daiso is, it's a Japanese variety store where everything is $2.80 each. They sell anything from kitchenware, stationery, makeup to gardening tools.

Anyway, I've been a fan of Daiso since they opened their store in Richmond. But since that store is pretty far away from where I live, I didn't visit them often. But then they opened their Melbourne CBD store in August earlier this year and I totally flipped out lol (one just opened in Highpoint too). It has to be one of the best places to just explore and kill time. I don't think I've ever left empty handed.

A couple of months back I found these containers which are perfect for storing makeup. I was stoked since these were cheap and pretty good quality.

This first one I got has 2 rows which are further divided up. (Beads not included). Perfect for my brushes.



This next one comes with 3 dividers which are removable and you can adjust them to change the size of the 4 sections. Here I have a tiny section on the left for my lip pencils and brush, then my eyeliners and eye primer, then lipbalms, my eye primer and regular mascaras and on the right I have my waterproof mascaras.



So if you are looking for storage ideas, or anything for that matter, go check out Daiso. Not everything for the $2.80 price tag is worth it and I'm sure you can find similar items for cheaper, but there are definitely a lot of things which are an absolute steal. Just be careful, it's addictive.

 photo bddcad9c-e019-439f-a74b-41fdb8eae685_zpsf58be68c.jpg

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