04 October, 2009

My followers have disappeared!

For a while I had 1 follower then one day it they disappeared, so i assumed that they just didn't want to follow my blog anymore. But then my friend told me she had just became a follower. So then I was all excited and went to my blog to look at the followers box but it says i don't have any! Also, my dashboard says I have 1 and my google friend connect says I have 3!

I looked up this problem and apparently the disappearance of followers is not uncommon.

I don't know what is going on. I've tried to fix it but it's not working =(

So I just want to ask you all, when you visit my blog can you see any followers on the side bar? and does anyone know how I can fix this?



  1. Hi!
    well,It's kinda weird,now I just see myself dissapear,lol...
    I have to register again to be your follower,which I did a couple days ago...
    Now,let's see what happen next,I hope I won't be dissapear again :D
    anyways,hope to see new posts soon,cya! :)


  2. hmm that is REALLY weird...i've been researching this problem and none of the suggested solutions seem to work. But i did find somewhere that said all followers had for some reason been changed to the "private" setting (follow the blog privately) and when the followers change themselves to the "public" setting again (follow the blog publicly), they will appear again.
    maybe give this a try?



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