11 January, 2010



Boy do those ice cubes look good... We are having an absolute scorcher of a day. Today the temperature reached a maximum 45 degrees (celsius)! I've been lazing around the house all day with the air con on and I am still melting. I watched the weather update before at 9:10pm and it was 39 degrees with no signs of cooling down until tomorrow night *sigh*

I love summer, but it's days like this when the heat just gets a tiny itty lil bit too much for me lol. Can't wait for the cool change to come through.

Sorry this post isn't very interesting. The heat's just getting to my brain so I can't function properly lol. I'll be back with a better post soon.

Hope the weather is much more forgiving where you guys are.


  1. Yea I've had some Aussie friends that's been complaining about the heat there. WOW.... 45C!!?? I think that's around 115 degrees Fahrenheit and that is EXTREMELY HOT.

    The temperature has totally opposite here in this side of the hemisphere. It's been bitterly cold and the wind chill isn't helping. I wonder if your really hot weather means that it'll be like that when summer hits our part of the globe?

  2. i really can't wait for it to warm up here = ]

  3. @ Geeky Mac Boy: yep it sure is haha. Your winters are much colder than ours (i think) so hopefully your summer won't be extremely hot. I don't want anyone else to have to endure this heat.

    @ sssdawna: yeah I couldn't wait for summer either, but when it came I was wishing it was still spring haha

  4. it is snowing everywhere in america
    except for here
    it is nice and sunny~

  5. aircon? aircon????? it's freezing outside here! hahaha... let's trade!




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