06 March, 2010

Back to uni...

My first week back at uni has finally come to an end. Coming back as a 2nd year student, and being able to look down at the 1st years (haha) seemed very exciting...but after about 3 months of holidays, getting back into the habit of following a timetable, waking up and getting ready quickly to race off to uni, studying and sitting through lectures has not been easy. I am absolutely exhausted. I fell asleep in so many lectures lol

This semester I decided to overload, that is taking on one more unit than usual so that I will finish my degree a little sooner. I'm beginning to regret this decision considering I struggled last year with just the normal number of units. Fingers crossed I'll make it.

My aim this semester is to keep on top of everything! Last year I just got so lazy, since it was my first year at uni. I didn't study during the semester at all, all I did were the necessary assignments. So when it came to exams I had to do so much cramming since I hadn't prepared notes or anything in advance. Anyway, so I really want to be on top of things, especially my law units.

Well I'll stop there since I don't want to bore you to death about uni because I really could whine and complain about it a lot more lol. Hopefully I'll have a much more fun and interesting post up for you guys in the next few days.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend =)

1 comment:

  1. i love whining and complaining about uni! lol seriously. i don't have anyone to do that with because everyone around me seems to have it all together. i've overloaded too just so that i can finish on time...i really screwed up last semester. since i don't work, i've started studying from 9ish am-5ish pm since it is like a job when you take it seriously! xo



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