07 March, 2010

Survived Melbourne's hail storm

Today's weather was just absolutely insane. Just a week into Autumn, it started out as a very sunny morning and was very warm. I went off to work just like every other Saturday. At around 2 or 3 o'clock all hell broke loose lol. The sky turned black and a massive hail storm began. Hail the size of golf balls was falling from the sky making frightening noises. Also note I work in an outdoor mall, so the hail was just flying in and I was frantically trying to sweep the hail stones out. Within minutes the paths outside were covered in giant hail stones. Customers were trapped inside stores. Then after the hail, came ridiculously heavy rain which just kept gushing down and the crashing of the thunder and lightning was terrifying. Luckily our area was a tad better off than the central city area.

It really was just crazy. I found this clip on youtube which will probably better illustrate to you what it was like.



  1. ok i just woke up so i'm noticing the weirdest things. like...the date on your post says sunday march 7th and it totally threw me off LOL and then i'm watching the news clip and all i can hear are these cute accents that i never get to hear lol

    anyway. that is crazy!! have you seen the movie "day after tomorrow"? i always think of it when crazy weather happens : )

  2. haha sorry for confusing you babe. The storm was actually on the 6th but I wrote the post after midnight and lol at the cute accents =P

    No, I haven't seen that movie but I remember the trailers lol



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