06 January, 2011

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows - Review & Swatches - the beginning of a new love...

First of all...

Hope you all had fun welcoming in the new year and good luck for 2011.

Anyway, in some of my older blog posts, I mentioned my Inglot eyeshadow palettes but I haven't had the time to take photos and review them. Argh...I am so behind in blog posts (and yes I know I've said that a million times lol).

So this is the first Inglot Freedom System palette I purchased.


With the eyeshadow palettes, you can purchase 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 10 colour palettes. The eyeshadows also come in circular pans which are a bit cheaper because they have less volume. The palettes aren't traditional flip-top palette's. Instead the lid is magnetised and is completely removed when you open it and can be stuck onto the bottom.

Inglot shadows don't have names, instead they go by numbers. The shades in my palette are:


A shimmery cream colour. Great highlight shade.

Metallic taupey colour. Very similar to NYX Iced Mocha, but this one is a tinge more purple.

Matte medium brown.

Matte very dark brown.

In stores they purely refer to the shade numbers, but on the bottoms of the pans, along with the number, there are also words reflecting the finish of the shadow which I have added on the photos above.



I am head-over-heels in love with Inglot shadows. These are so pigmented and ridiculously blendable. 30 isn't as pigmented in my opinion compared to the others but it is still a great highlight. My favourites are the 2 matte browns. They are silky smooth and just amazing. These still crease on me, but not as quickly as other shadows, but I have very very oily lids.

I only have 1 MAC eyeshadow, Twinks (I have a review on it), so I don't know how accurate my comparison of the two brands is, but at the moment I think Inglot shadows beat MAC shadows any day lol. These rectangular pan shadows are 2.7g compared to MAC's which are 1.5g. Plus Inglot products are far cheaper than MAC. The Inglot palette I got cost me $40AUD (that includes the palette itself and the shadows). Their individual eyeshadow I believe cost about $24AUD (I find these individual eyeshadows inferior to the freedom system ones). Individual MAC shadows here costs $32AUD.

So if you can get yourself to an Inglot store, pick up a Freedom System palette of eyeshadows! You will not regret it! Since this one, I've bought a 5-colour palette and I've received a 6-colour palette as part of a Christmas present. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  1. Great review. Aren't the mattes great? SO easy to use & after using 6 of them, I plan on collecting them all. I have 360M which is a fantastic crease colour. I've been looking at 378M - thanks so much for the swatch. I'm definitely liking that one!

  2. @Ken: haha I'm not really a hi tops girl.

    @KeLLsTaR: YES they are amazing! I love mattes too. Just saw your post on your 30-palette. That's huge! You must have been in heaven choosing all those.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oops what did I do to that post? I'm really liking the 378M. I have so many browns but as the Inglot SA said, you can't have too many browns right? LOL I will be getting more colourful mattes like green & pink too though.

  5. @KelLsTaR: lol yeah I was wondering where that comment went when I went to answer it this morning.
    I've got a lot of browns too! Gotta love them lol
    I recently got a matte pink, it's really pretty.
    Looking forward to your green purchases, would love to see what you think of them.

  6. Which pink did you end up getting PetitDerriere?

    392M (Pink) & 362M (Coral Pink) are just amazing. I've been using them a lot - usually as crease colours.

    I have since got most of the mattes & have 1 "neutral" 10 palette, and 1 "colourful" palette. I haven't tried the green or teal yet but I'm looking forward to it.

  7. Hey KeLLsTaR!
    I think I got 361. It's a peachy pink. Yes I saw the photos of your palettes. so pretty! =P
    I've been really busy with uni and all so I haven't had time to apply eyeshadow or much makeup in general. I miss them haha



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