27 February, 2012

Post-Christmas Splurge: Jewellery

To all those uni students reading, I hope you all had a great first day back at uni. Hope it wasn't as boring for you as it was for me haha. And for any Melbournians, how ridiculous was the rain today?! I got totally drenched even with an umbrella!

Anyway, finally the last instalment of my Post-Christmas Splurge mini series. It's almost the end of February, but oh well...better late than never.


Sportsgirl always has such nice jewellery, especially when it comes to statement pieces. However, it's usually fairly pricey. I bought all these pieces on sale but even then they weren't amazingly cheap, but I loved them so much that I bought them anyway.

I have been crazy about rose gold for a while now. So I bought these two necklaces.

I am absolutely in love with this piece. My sister showed it to me when it was still full price and I fell in love with it but I couldn't really justify the price. So when it went on sale I had an excuse to get it lol.

This necklace is really long. It's nice and basic and good for layering.

These earrings have to be one of my all time favourites. I am a sucker when it comes to black and gold jewellery, I just love the combination. They are really light and they are on posts as opposed to hooks so they are so comfortable to wear. I love the tassle, the filigree gold ball...I love everything about them and I just think long, straight earrings are always so flattering on everyone.

Forever New

This was a random impulse buy. They are just basic medium sized studs. I thought the stone was really pretty since it's kind of sparkly/shimmery and looks like it has little cracks through it. They were on sale and there was an extra 30% off so just decided to grab them.


I bought heaps of stuff from Diva. During the Christmas sales, all their sale stock went down to 4 for $10 and later 6 for $10 so I definitely got carried away. I would like one thing, but then I'd think 'what's the point of buying one thing for like $5, when I can buy another 3 or 5 for an extra $5?' So ordinarily I wouldn't pick up some of these pieces, but due to the deal I couldn't help myself lol.

Feather earrings have been in lately, so thought I would give some a go. The brown ones are basic and I thought the gold and brown would look really nice against my black hair. The black earrings are huge and have some bling on them. Definitely more for special ocassions. I think they would look really nice with an updo and maybe a strapless dress.

Out of these I was most excited about the antique gold chain ones with the turquoise beads. The chains actually come down the front then go back up to connect to the earring backing which I thought was pretty cool.

Lastly I bought all these different beaded bracelets. I like the look of layering bracelets together and I thought they all looked good together or with other bracelets I already own.

So that's all for my post-Christmas sales purchases. I hoped you enjoyed checking out what I bought.

Good night!

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