11 May, 2013

Another Year Older

 photo 23rdBirthday_zps62cef2d8.jpg

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! I don't really feel any different, aside from not being able to sing Taylor Swift's "22" anymore lol.

My friends surprised me at uni with a cake the day before my birthday. Lucky I went to the bathroom so they could set up lol. You can see the yummy cake above and my "oh-so-glamorous" uni look.

Then on my birthday, my best friend, who is currently staying far away in woop woop on placement, drove 4 hours to see me and took me out to dinner. We ate at a tapas restaurant/bar in Yarraville. We over-ordered (as usual) and were stuffed by the end of it.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great weekend.

 photo bddcad9c-e019-439f-a74b-41fdb8eae685_zpsf58be68c.jpg

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