04 September, 2009

Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliners



Last week Priceline had a clearance of selected Revlon items for only $4.99! so i bought 3 Luxurious Color Eyeliners in Antiqued Gold, Burnished Amber and Blackened Sapphire. I also have Black Velvet which I bought a long time ago. The normal price of these pencils is $20.95.

i have swatches for you guys below. These pencils go on really smooth and have a smudger at the end which is really good for creating smokey looks. I love the 3 coloured ones because the colours are just so pretty with a bit of shimmer! However they are rather smudgey, but i guess they're meant to be since they have a smudger. It doesn't bother me if a coloured eyeliner is smudgey because I usually just use it under my eyes and it's not an essential I use everyday. The black one on the other hand, which is an essential for everyone, is WAY too smudgey. It migrates all the way up my lid. Plus i don't find the black to be a true black. When you smudge it, becomes a blue/black colour which I am not happy about.

I highly recommend the 3 coloured ones and as for the black one, I'm sure there are many eyeliners out there with better staying power.

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