08 December, 2009

Fading Nails

I love nail art. Love looking at pretty designs but I don't have all the skills. So simple designs are my thing lol I found pictures of fading nails (I think they are also known as gradient nails), I thought it looked really cool and simple so I gave it a try.

The name pretty much tells you what fading nails are. It's where one colour fades into another or into a different shade of the same colour. There are quite a few different ways to do it. I used a similar technique to this video I found on Youtube:

Well here are some photos of my fading nails.

More obvious fade:

Subtle fade:



  1. i love nail art too! my friend has yellow and black zebra stripes right now and it is HOTT!

    i like the obvious fade better because i like my nails to be kind of "in ur face" hehe <3

    hope you get ur prize soon?

  2. good!! im actually surprised it got there so fast. ive mailed stuff to Australia before and it wasn't so quick! of course i wouldn't mind dahling, glad you like the prizes <3

  3. that's reallly pretty, love the colours^^
    your title's blog is really funny haha^^



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