25 September, 2010

Bold black and silver eyes

Hey guys!

Tomorrow night I'll be going to a ball so I played around with my makeup (as I always do before events lol) and this is what I came up with. The ball has a futuristic theme, "Night of Luminance," but my overall outfit isn't very futuristic so I thought I would kind of incorporate the theme into my eye makeup by using some silver pigment.

Anyway here's a little preview of what the finished product might look like =)



Products used:
- NYX Eyeshadow Base - Skin Tone
- NYX Single Eyeshadow - Black
- NYX Single Eyeshadow - Dark Gray
- NYX Ultra Pearl Mania - Silver
- MAC Fluidline - Black Track

I'll be sure to take many photos at the ball to show you guys =)


  1. oo what's the ball for? can't remember the last time i went to one *sigh* love the look, isn't nyx great?!

  2. That looks gorgeous. I'm a new follower of your blog btw :) love your looks. Is there anyway you could do a tutorial for this look?! I would love to attempt to recreate it but I am so noob...

  3. thanks girls. big hugs for you all.

    @ Joanne: thanks for following and for the tutorial request =) hmm i've always thought about doing tutorials. I've thought about doing videos but I don't think my camera is good enough for that, I could try just taking photos as I go but that probably isn't extremely helpful. I will have to keep thinking about it and play with my camera.

  4. I'm sure it'd be awesome whatever you do :) I'll be looking forward to it! Hope to see some pics of the ball.. how exciting, hope you had a fun night!



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