07 October, 2010

Mini Inglot Haul


A few weeks ago I went shopping with my best friend because she was in need of some accessories and makeup for her ball. We stopped by Inglot and can you believe they had some things on sale!! It wasn't like a whole section or product on sale, just random items. So there were a few shades of eyeshadow, blushes, powders, pigments, etc. with little sale stickers on them. So I'm not sure if these sales are consistent through all stores in Australia.

Anyway I was pretty excited when I saw them. I had only bought a pigment, angled eye liner brush and makeup remover from them previously so I really wanted to try some more stuff. And how often do you see this stuff go on sale?!

First I bought 2 AMC Eye Shadows in number 67 and 52 . (Yes it totally sucks that they don't have names lol).
They were originally I believe around $20 AUD but these were reduced to $8 each. They have a net weight of 2.4g.

52 is a yellow toned brown shade with brown and gold sparkle/shimmer.

67 is a medium to dark indigo colour with blue and white sparkle/shimmer.

The reason I say "sparkle/shimmer" is that the flecks in it aren't fine enough to be shimmer as you can detect each individual fleck, but it's not chunky enough to be a glitter. I was somewhat disappointed with these as they only have reasonable pigmentation. When trying them in store with fingers they seemed really pigmented but when actually applying with brushes it wasn't amazing. I was expecting full-on pigment after hearing good things about Inglot eyeshadow. However I think it may just be this particular line of eyeshadows because my friend bought one of their Freedom System palettes and the pigmentation on those was absolutely stunning. Nonetheless, if you apply some base or primer they turn out pretty well.


I also bought a Face Blush in 26.

This is a matte light peach shade.

The blush was originally around the $20-25 mark as well I think (sorry I've forgotten all the prices) and was reduced to $6!! It has a net weight of 2.5g which isn't very big at all which is a shame. The pigmentation of this is amazing and so smooth! I've been looking for a cheap straight peach blush for ages (no shimmer and no pink tinge). On my yellow toned skin, the peach colour is definitely more subtle than a pink. It makes me look more tanned. The only downsides would be the quantity which I mentioned earlier and also the packaging. It comes with a screw top lid, I would much prefer a flip top since I tend to misplace the lid lol.

That's everything!


  1. Hiya,
    Hope all is going well.
    Just thought I'd pop in and tell you about this new shop in Melbourne Central, I think L1 I think ... just off little lonsdale, oppisite Sportsgirl.

    The Store is Mecca Cosmetica, just opened yesterday, and it's awesome, great brands, really nicely set out, and everything is new, and they really encourage playing around with stuff. Definatly go check it out. =)

  2. Love the colours you've gone for! Dont you just love stumbling across sale items when you dont expect it? Makes a nice change to spend less than you expect! :)


  3. lol, love the shoutout :D
    do u find ur blush is a tad orange? mine is. like its pretty but i have to be careful not to overblush.

  4. Hey lucy.

    I haven't actually used my blush in a while. Just been really busy so just been reaching for my go-to blush recently. But I don't remember it being too orange. Maybe it's because I'm super yellow toned as it is lol.



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