25 August, 2009

My pet hate

This has to be one of my absolute pet hates: the sticky residue left on your beautiful new mu by the price tags.

You know when you go out and buy mu...it looks so pretty in the store and you get all excited because it is officially yours once you make your journey to the cash register. You get all excited about going home to try it out. So once you get home, you take it out of your bag and attempt to remove the wrapping and the tags on it. I usually get my mu from Priceline, and the stuff is always engulfed by tags. There's usually the wrapping that is put on it by the manufacturer, a price tag, then this thick bar code/ security tag thing, which is attached extra well to the product with layers of tape, and if the item is on sale, there's usually also a pink dot or something.

After I remove everything, there is always this sticky residue left on the product =( and I spend agesss trying to remove it all and in the end give up. This has happened to me so many times. Worse is then when you decide to bring the mu with you in your bag, dust and stuff gets attached to the sticky areas...making it even more yukky!

Does this ever happen to you guys? If it does, you would definitely share my pain lol

By the way stay tuned, I'll be talking about some of my new purchases soon! and remember to tell your friends about me!


  1. OMG! I hate that it always makes me SO sad. alcohol takes it off sometimes when applied with a cotton ball

  2. hmm should try that next time...i usually sit there with the tape i was able to rip off and continually press it onto the sticky bits and pull. not exactly the most efficient way haha =P



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