19 August, 2009

First blog ever! Let's get to know me =)

Hi everyone!

My name is Pauline, I'm 19 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am in my first year of uni studying Commerce and Law.

I'm friendly, funny, love to eat, sleep, watch tv, laugh and cry...sometimes i get really emotional at the most random movies lol.

I love shopping and everything to do with makeup...however I am super stingey which is a bit of a problem when these are my hobbies...so I am usually the person you'll find diving head first into sales racks and bins lol

I've been considering for a while to start my own blog after reading and visiting so many beauty blogs and I just wanted to get in on the action lol. Also, I just wanted a place to go to when uni, friends or whatever start gettin to me and where I could just share and rant about all things girly when no one else will listen. I will probably write many posts over the next week or so just because I've been thinking about this for so long that I have so many things to share!

Hope you guys will enjoy reading!

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