22 August, 2009

Teeth whitening trials


omg my eyes are so red...last night I stayed up til 2:30am working on my assignment. I am sooo tired...and yet it is almost 1:30am and i am staying up writing this post lol nwy, now to the main point of this post: teeth whitening.

Recently, I was going through some photos of my friends party and I was kind of horrified at how yellow my teeth were especially with the red lipstick I was wearing. Ever since then I've really wanted to achieve those beautiful white celebrity smiles. As you all probably already know from my first post, I am really stingey so I wasn't prepared to go to the dentist to get my teeth whitened or to buy any of those expensive home kits. So I started by purchasing Pearl Drops - Beauty Pearls which was on sale at Priceline for about $6 AUD which also included a whitening guide which is pretty much a card with different teeth shades on it so you can follow the improvement of your teeth colour. The directions said to use it twice a day to brush your teeth and in 3 weeks your teeth will be up to 2 shades whiter. I've used it for I think 2 weeks and I have not noticed a single difference. So very disappointed with that.

I also did a little research on home whitening mixtures and decided to try bicarb soda with water. I was rather worried about using it due to its fizzy-foamy acidic nature and especially after reading people's comments saying this mixture made their gums bleed. I tried it once last week and tried not to scrub too vigorously. My gum bled a little but not enough to be a concern. I am planning to only use this once a week. I'll keep you posted on this trial.

Nwy off to bed!

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