30 July, 2010

Bye bye old layout


I had been planning to change my layout for a while, but was just too lazy lol. Well, as you can all probably see, I finally got around to doing it. Took me AGES because I'm terrible at these things plus Blogger had changed a lot of things since I made my first layout. I might edit this layout some more because I'm not 100% happy with it but I don't really have the skills to do what I want so we'll see lol.

I am so tired now. Had a long day at uni and now fixing up all this...it is now 1:30am. Need some sleep lol. I really have to stop staying up late. I started trying to go to bed earlier, but once I'm in bed I keep staying on my laptop for hours even though I'm really tired. Yes, I realise how silly that is...but I have no self control! lol

Good night everyone!


  1. i dont go to sleep earlier either~!

    your blog name makes me laugh~

    do they have ufo catchers there? they give better prizes~ and the machines aren't rigged

  2. so you actually have a big butt?! keke =D

  3. lol yes Ken. Wouldn't necessarily say big, just 'out of proportion.'



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