15 November, 2010

First MAC eyeshadow - Twinks - Review


I was pretty excited when I got this due to all the ranting a raving about MAC shadows. My friend ordered this eyeshadow a little while back for me from Strawberrynet for about $16.50AUD which was a pretty awesome deal given they cost $32 here.

Twinks is a shimmery brown shadow with a hint of burgundy. It appears darker in the pan than it does on, which was a bit disappointing for me because I was looking for a deeper shade. It is pretty pigmented but I wasn't totally blown away, again because I wanted it to be stronger and deeper and instead it was just a more medium tone. It is very smooth and blends easily.

Overall it's a good eyeshadow and I use it as much as I do my other shadows, it's a pretty colour, but I think I feel a tad disappointed due to all the hype. I was expecting to be absolutely blown away. Plus my friend had just introduced me to the Inglot Freedom System shadows which blew my mind and are cheaper than MAC shadows. I will be reviewing my Inglot palette soon.


  1. i definitely think it's crucial to read the color descriptions of mac shadows because their appearance in the pan/on the skin can be deceiving!

    congrats on your first mac shadow, i can't believe they cost $30!! here they are $14 o_O i'm looking forward to your inglot review : ) : )

  2. I know what you mean, the pan colour can be super decieving.
    Have actually bought any yet, can't bring my self to spend $32 on one colour, but Ihave been doing a little bit of ebay scouting.

    And this strawberrynet seems really reasonable, thanks!

  3. @sssdawna: haha thank you. I feel like I've overcome a milestone lol. I actually swatched Twinks in store and I remembered it being darker but it must have been the lighting or something.

    @Ciara: it really does suck how expensive stuff is here. Definitely try Strawberrynet, the shipping on makeup is free!



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