12 November, 2010

New hair cut - update long overdue

Hey guys!

My exams are over so I will have more blogging time and hopefully can catch up on my 'very behind' posts.

Anyway I got my haircut about a month ago lol but being so busy I never got to share it with you guys. The two photos were actually taken on different days. I didn't get the chance to take a direct "before" photo because I was running SO late to my hair appointment. The "after" shot is quite gross lol. After my haircut I went out and so the photo was taken late at night after a long tiring day lol.

I had a side fringe that had grown out a lotttt. I didn't have any layers and my hair was pretty full.


I got a full fringe and layers added. I'm not crazy about the back, because the hairdresser cut it in a V-shape, if you guys know what I'm talking about. I prefer it more straight/round at the back. Believe me when I say the full fringe looks MUCH better in person. I love it! The photo does not do it justice =P I've had a full fringe before and I thought I'd go back to it.


Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!


  1. I really like your new hair cut!^^
    You also look younger.. =]

  2. The full fringe suits you! I absolutely cna't stand it on me however, it's soooooooooo annoying and I'm always sweeping it on the side LOL.

  3. @MayClover: Thanks hun!

    @Gaby: haha I know what you mean. Mine has grown out quite a bit now, if I don't blow dry it I can't see lol. But generally I'm too lazy to style it lol

  4. I really like it! : D

    and I tagged youuu, hope you have fun with it!



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