30 November, 2010

Bring on some colour

Although a lot of the eye looks I post are quite colourful, I've always actually been a neutral eye makeup person with my million shades of brown. Spring has almost come to an end and over the last few months I have been delving into more colours to liven up my look and just to have more fun with the more 'happy' weather.

In my last post you would have seen that I am in LOVE with NYX Single Eyeshadow in Pure Gold. So I've been pairing it up with other colours, my favourite combo would be the Pure Gold and NYX Single Eyeshadow in Red Bean Pie.



I wore this look so much at the start of Spring. It is dead easy.
+ Just pat the gold all over your lid and a bit under your eye in the middle.
+ Apply the purple under your eye towards the outer corner.
+ Highlight the inner corner and your brow bone with a shimmery cream/white shadow.

And that's it for eyeshadow! So quick and easy and you can also use whatever colour combination you like.

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. ooo so pretty! and im so jealous that you're in spring...seriously?! lol lucky.

  2. I think this looks stunning! So understated and pretty; I like the simplicity of the simple colour and elegant liner. Very nice indeed!

    Cant help but be a tad jealous of the shape of your eyes. I imagine pretty much any eye look would be fab on you :)

  3. lovely blog, im a new follower! found you by googling "NYX swatches" and thankfully you have decent ones.. I wanna buy some (more) and want to see swatches of a nice pinky or purply powder blush.. any suggestions??

  4. @sssdawna: haha yes we just finished Spring and into Summer now. But the weather this year is SO all over the place! It's Summer and it keeps raining!

    @All Made Up: Thank you darling! You are much too kind. I've never had such kind comments about my eyes especially since they are basically typical asian eyes with no crease at all lol. Thank you!

    @esteeem: Thanks for following! hmm, I'm not sure if I can really help you with a purply blush just because I've never tried purply shades before. As for pink blushes, my pinks often lean into more peachy or browny tones. Plus I'm very very stingey haha so most of my favourite blushes are discontinued and I often try things that are on clearance lol. I'm sorry I can't be much help.



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